Catering Services 

Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Commercial kitchens usually place heavy demands on their plumbing systems and a breakdown can be an inconvenient and a costly problem.


At Advanced Gas Care we understand the requirements of commercial kitchen equipment and ensure that the gas and plumbing services we install are to the highest standard to provide a safe and reliable kitchen.

Mobile Catering Installations, Repairs & Maintenance

At Advanced Gas Care our Gas Safe mobile catering engineers are experienced in all aspects of LPG service, repair and installation.


They are registered to work on mobile catering appliances and are qualified to provide gas safety mobile catering certificates to your business.

We know that time is money, especially for small businesses, so we aim to carry out all LPG servicing and repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to keep downtime to a minimum.

Gas Safety Certification

If you operate a commercial enterprise where gas is used you have a legal obligation to make sure your gas installation and appliances are safe.


As a responsible person you can demonstrate this by having your premises Gas safety inspected regularly.

Advanced Gas Care are fully qualified to undertake these checks for you, and we will make sure your gas installation and appliances are safe and meet current standards, in addition we will highlight any potential problems and issue the appropriate certificates of compliance.