Domestic & Commercial LPG Services 

Commercial LPG Services


Commercial Catering Fat and Pressure Fryers
Commercial Catering Pressure/Expansion Boilers
Commercial Catering Range Cookers


First Fix Commercial Pipework

Air Heating:

Indirect Fired Heating Appliances

Water CH:

Indirect Fired Heating Appliances

Pipework Commissioning:

Non Domestic Testing & Purging up to and over 1m³ (TPCP1)

Domestic LPG Services

Advanced Gas Care offers a range of LPG domestic services for new and existing customers which include:

  • New supplies and installation

  • Cooker, boiler & Fire LPG conversions

  • Gas installation, testing and repair

  • Appliance repairs

  • Leaks repair

  • Fumes Investigation

  • On site repairs

Boiler room 1
Boiler room 1

Boiler Room 2
Boiler Room 2

Boiler room 1
Boiler room 1